Tuesday 12th February 6-7.30pm

The next Engineering Fictions will take up the theme of Cognitive Radio, and will be catalyzed by Linda Doyle.

Cognitive Radio is a major topic of research in the Engineering domain and has received much attention over the last decade. The  session will be seeded by a short reading on cognitive radio based on material from a traditional engineering text. To accompany this  reading two works of art will be briefly described. The first is Imaginary Landscape No. 4 (March No. 2) by John Cage. This is a piece composed for twelve radios (twenty-four players and conductor). For this work, 2 performers are stationed at each radio, one dialling the radio-stations, the other controlling amplitude and timbre. The second work that will be discussed is the short film The Cognitive Radio (2012) by Sarah Brown which she made as part of a workshop she ran at the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham.

The session will take place at CTVR, Dunlop Oriel House, in the Seminar Room. As usual please bring along with you whatever writing materials you prefer to use. Tea, coffee and a treat will be provided.

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