The Archivist’s Memory – Tuesday 22nd April – 5-7pm @ CTVR


CATALYST: Dennis McNulty

SEED: The Archivist’s Memory

The next Engineering Fictions session will be catalyzed by Dennis McNulty, an engineer by training and an artist by practice. Dennis is developing new work at the moment; a script for a short video. Dennis will present the premise of this developing new work as the seed for this session:

I’ve been thinking about the points of interface between humans and machines in one way or another for years. Recently someone sent me this link and the first item on the list caught my imagination, the idea of a technology controlled by direct connections to the human brain. As a result, I found myself thinking about the idea of a telepathic OS; an operating system for ‘a computer’ which can be directly controlled by thought.

I searched on-line for information relating to this and, beyond a few jokes, there didn’t seem to be anything concrete out there. As a result, it became a point of departure for this project I’ve been working on. I was hoping to use this session of Engineering Fictions as a way to think a little more expansively about the implications of this idea.

As usual bring along whatever writing paraphernalia you prefer. There will be some tea/coffee facilities as always, and you are welcome to bring along anything edible to share.

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