Primate Vision – Tuesday 16th Feb – 6pm


Catalyst: Dennis McNulty

Seed: Primate Vision

Interruptor: Jessica Foley

Location: Dunlop Oriel House, The Seminar Room on the 1st floor.

Time: 6-8pm

The third season of Engineering Fictions begins on Tuesday 16th February, at 6pm. It will be catalysed by CONNECT’s artist-in-residence Dennis McNulty. Here’s Dennis with a little insight on what this session will open up:

For the last while I’ve been thinking about displays as carriers of information and as information in themselves. I have some sense that this all boils down to some notion of resolution; the resolution of the ‘screen’ versus the ‘resolution’ of the object. At it’s most literal, digital resolution concerns questions of pixel density and frame-rate, but maybe there are other dimensions along which resolution can be plotted?

My sense is that the relationship isn’t linear.

As resolution decreases, information from our other senses is synthesised to fill the gaps between the pixels. Maybe this is all about the continuum along which vision cross-fades through the brain into the body? For me, it’s impossible to consider primate vision as something distinct from primate bodies and brains.

I’d like to use this session of Engineering Fictions as a way to think collectively about these ideas and unpack their implications.

In this session we’ll be engaging with a form of ‘uncreative writing’ through new work that Dennis is developing relating to digital displays. This can be considered as a gestural form of writing emergent out of digital environments and processes.

The session is open to everyone at CONNECT and anyone you might like to invite along who would be interested. No previous experience necessary. Light refreshments will be provided.

Contact if you wish to attend or have any queries.

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