EF#1.17-Timeful Things-12th January 6PM-Oonagh Young Gallery


Image of the Electrosonic Random Access Slide Projector brochure (1973) ©Stafford Beer
Courtesy of the Stafford Beer Collection at Liverpool John Moores University Special Collections & Archives.

catalyst: Richard Howard & Dennis McNulty
date/time: Thursday 12th January 6PM
location: Oonagh Young Gallery, James Joyce St., Liberty Corner, Dublin 1.

The first Engineering Fictions session for 2017 will open out relationships between technology, science fiction and art.

This session will take place in the special context of Dennis McNulty’s exhibition at the Oonagh Young Gallery called I’m Getting Parts, and will be catalysed by science-fiction academic and researcher Richard Howard in conversation with artist Dennis McNulty.

For Dennis, anachronistic objects and system technologies can reveal the time-feel of bygone eras and our own, a property he conceptualises as timefulness. For Richard, Science Fiction is a means through which people can intervene in the story of technology. Both share an interest in structures and customs that determine how technology and research have been and continue to be imagined and oriented.

As usual, this session of Engineering Fictions will afford people an opportunity to generate feedback, on this occasion amongst timeful things, through conversation and writing.

NOTE: Places are quite limited for this session, 12 people max. Please contact Jessica Foley at engineeringfictions@connectcentre.ie for enquiries.

Location of Oonagh Young Gallery


Engineering Fictions is devised to support research and communication through CONNECT .

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