Tuesday 23rd April 6-7.30pm @ CTVR


Threshold - Belfast Harbour - 2009 - Aoife Desmond

Threshold – Belfast Harbour – 2009 – Aoife Desmond

The place or point of beginning, the outset. 

This week’s Engineering Fictions will be seeded by artist Aoife Desmond. Taking the word ‘Thresholds’ as a starting point, as usual, there will be a discussion raised through Aoife’s work which will lead us towards some writing. Read on below how Aoife introduces her interest in thresholds:

I’m interested in the idea of thresholds in physical space. A doorway being the most obvious example, marking the transition from a public space to a private space. In our everyday surroundings much subtler examples occur, transitions from urban to rural, from central to suburban, from domestic to industrial, from tended to untended. In this way I see thresholds as being linked to liminality, marking an edge of something at a point of transformation.
This promises to be an interesting session. As always if you would like to invite anyone along please feel free to do so, and feel free also to add to the typical engineering fictions feast of biscuits, fruit, tea and coffee.  See you then!

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