Tuesday 14th May – CAGE with Louise Ward – 5-6.30pm @ CTVR

I’m delighted to welcome artist Louise Ward to CTVR for this weeks Engineering Fictions, to catalyze discussion and writing around the idea: CAGE.
Screen shot 2013-05-12 at 19.04.20
The idea for this Engineering Fictions session arose through a recent discussion of ‘cognitive radio’ between myself, Linda (Doyle), Tim (Forde) and Louise, which was broadcast online (www.radioalcabira.com) from The Market Studios. Over the course of this discussion the word ‘Cage’ began to act as a synapse between various ideas. Louise will tease her sense of this out with us through conversation and writing this Tuesday.
A bit about Louise:

As an artist, Louise’s sensibility is anchored in shifting perspectives of human behaviour, in the politics of the everyday and in hybrid spaces between internalized worlds of pleasure and externalised habits imposed by society. Her art work tips her/our daily struggles into absurdity, where certain socially conditioned behaviours are reflected upon in a series of repetitive performances.

I realize that for many of us in CTVR there is an intensive conference taking place this week around Cognitive Radio, and so I suggest, what better way to decompress after a day of cutting edge discussion and presentation than through some writing and relaxed conversation. (I know I will definitely need it!)

As per usual bring along your own writing utensils – also, feel free to bring nice treats – also, feel free to bring a friend!


Louise prepared an essay called ‘Cage’ as a way to catalyse this session. It really sparked a fantastic discussion. Here’s a very short excerpt:

Who decides how the world should behave… especially when it comes to what is being broadcast… what about censorship – will this still be an issue… certain broadcasts will be left in a cage alone to die… will there be regulations for cognitive radios? Is a cognitive radio just a different form of broadcasting/self-organisation… like checking out your food at tesco’s, scanning your own boarding pass in the airport… self-labour… find your own place to broadcast if there is space free… what happens when there is no available space for the cognitive radio… when all the parking spaces are full?

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