Tuesday 28th January – BALLOONS – 5-7pm @ CTVR

forgotten_yellows2 copy

“I asked the Engineers to see to it.” Donald Barthelme


The first session of Engineering Fictions 2014 will be kicked off by Jessica Foley (CTVR).  The ‘seed’ for this session has been sown through a collaboration with curator Jessamyn Fiore (Brooklyn, NYC) based upon a particular work by writer Donald Barthelme. This piece of work presents a surreal scenario of spontaneous architecture within and across the streets of New York city, peoples reaction to it, and their relative acclimatization to it. Jessica will read aloud the story (it is short, I promise!), thereafter opening out a discussion and ‘imposing’ some bendable constraints for writing.

There will be tea and coffee available, and some nibbles. Please feel free to bring along edibles/beverages to share, and of course bring along your preferred writing utensils!


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