Invisible Wireless – Tuesday 25th Feb – 5-7pm @ CTVR

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 16.06.58

This one is very independent. It lives in its own world getting on with its work. We don’t really need to know what it does as long as it does it well. It could, for instance, be running the computers that manage our home. It has one quirk; it needs to avoid strong electromagnetic fields as these might cause it to malfunction. Every time a TV or radio is switched on, or a mobile phone is activated it moves itself to the electromagnetically quietest part of the room. As it is ring shaped, the owner could, if they liked, place their chair in its centre, or stand there and enjoy the fact that this is a good space to be in.

CATALYST: Linda Doyle (CTVR)

SEED: Invisible Wireless

This week Engineering Fictions will be seeded through a discussion of three pieces of work by artists who engage with radiowaves. All wireless communication uses radiowaves. It is the fundamental resource used by wireless systems (mobiles phones, GPS, TV, radio etc.).

The first work is called WiFi Light Painting and involves an effort by a group of artists to visualise the radiowaves that permeate our cities. The other two pieces of work come from Critical Designers Anthony Dunne & Fiona Raby. These focus on two objects created by the designers that respond to radiowaves in a mix of a real and fictitious manner. Images of the various works will be shown during the discussion.

Please bring along your preferred materials for writing with. Tea and Coffee will be provided, bring along snacks to share if you can, there’ll be some basic brain food as usual.

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