EF#3.18 Computer Says No…


CATALYST: Jessica Foley
The Incomputable + OMG 
 Computer Says No…

This writing workshop session will tease out relationships between authorial voice, the production of facticity and lived experiences of ‘the incomputable’. Taking a Little Britain sketch as a point of departure, we will pull at the worlds of technical writing and epistolary through conversation and writing experiments.

This session of Engineering Fictions takes place as part of The Incomputable, a research project at IZK Graz, Austria. Members of the Orthogonal Methods Group at CONNECT will travel to Graz from the 21-26th October to explore and debate ‘Matters of Fact’ as part of their research residency with The Incomputable. The topic of this session comes out of conversations within OMG and in response to the idea of The Incomputable.

To find out more about The Incomputable visit: http://izk.tugraz.at/project/incomputable-artist-in-residence/

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