EF#3.19 Sampling Poetics (fuzzy_personae_contd.) Tues 11th June 2 – 4.30pm

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SEED: Sampling Poetics (fuzzy_personae_contd.)

CATALYST: Christodoulos Makris

HOST: Jessica Foley/MUSSI

DATE: 11th June 2019

TIME: 2 – 4.30pm

My days are shaped around the digital material I consume. From the moment I check my tablet in the morning for the weather forecast, scroll through the news, look at the overnight sports results and whatever else I might choose to read first thing, shards of text and image have implanted themselves on my brain…


This session of Engineering Fictions will take it’s point of departure from the poetry and process of Christodoulos Makris.

This session will aim to open up assumptions about ‘data’ in relation to cities, by engaging with a process of writing involving sampling and composition directly influenced by Christodoulos’ own work. As Christodoulos says himself, such processes of writing “become an interrogation of power – economic, political and cultural. They signify a rejection of canonical systems arranging lives into sections, types or lables, and ways of thinking that place people and behaviours into impermeable sets or identities that make no allowances for movement, change, messiness.

So, in lateral and subtle ways, we’ll be extending the theme of fuzzy personae from last weeks session into an online, digital engagement with language, cities and people.

The session will take place in the Seminar Room on the 2nd Floor of the Iontas Building, MUSSI. We will kick off at 2pm and should run until about 4.30pm.


Please bring laptops/tablets/phones that you can access the internet on.

While these workshops are devised with the Building City Dashboards project team in mind, we welcome others to come along and contribute. If you are interested in getting involved in this session please contact Jessica.Foley@mu.ie. Places are limited!

Please let me know if you intend on coming so that I can organize space and snacks accordingly!

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